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TOP View Restaurant & Lounge

Level 59

Enjoy dining with a 360 degree view at the top of Penang. Experience the uniquely designed dining experience serving best-in-class menus.

Grand Imperial Restaurant

Level 6

Grand, palatial and modern. This is the description of this new Chinese restaurant that will serve the freshest of dim sum, seafood dishes and creative Cantonese cuisine. There are 9 private rooms. The rooms can seat from between 8 to 16 persons per table and will satisfy those who desire space and privacy. This restaurant measured 13,000 sq ft.

Chocolate Passion

Level 5

We specialize in pure hand-crafted chocolates, selecting only the top European chocolate, using only fresh and natural ingredients, presenting to you the most natural flavours. Our Chefs emphasize on premium quality and persistency with stringent attitude, making sure the chocolates are accurately tempered and every truffles meticulously filled with our rich and original ganache recipe, producing only the finest chocolates.

At Chocolate Passion, we make sure all chocolate lovers will taste not only the best food on our menu, but also our love, our attitude and our passion. Hence we ensure our customers will enjoy our enticing and exquisite food with gracious and sincere pricing.
We are here, to bring not only the finest chocolates, food and desserts, but also the affection, inspiration and happiness to every customer.


Level 5

Rich in flavour, style and friendly service, Richdad is a fine eatery that serves you the best of breakfast and delis, as well as brewing you that aromatic cup of coffee.


Level 5

Freshly made noodle simmers in hearty soups and broth, OnlyMee serves you comforting meals of slurp-worthy noodles and also steaming rice pots that cure your hunger like none ever.

Penang Street Food

Coming Soon...

Penang Street Food serves you the best of Penang’s char kuey teow, har mee, asam laksa, nasi kandar, snacks and chendol, all under one roof!

Italian Job Pizzaria

Level 5

Enjoy the best of Italian cuisine here. Italian Job Pizzaria offers an extensive array of hearty Italian offerings, ranging from traditional pizzas to wholesome pasta dishes. Buon Appetito!


Level 5

We bring you "UMI's" inspiration of traditional local Malay cuisine using only the very fresh spices and ingredients. Influenced from homely cooked food to the famous Authentic Malay dishes available through out the land.


Level 5

Marrybrown is a Malaysian-based halal-certified fast food restaurant chain established in 1981. It was the first local fast food chain to franchise its business in Malaysia with more than 130 restaurants locally. Marrybrown has over 350 international outlets serving fried chicken, burgers, finger food, desserts, and beverages aside from serving Malaysian local dishes such as seafood, nasi lemak, noodles, and porridge.

Coco Cabana

Coming Soon...

Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro is an easy place to unwind and enjoy a wide range of dining options, with traditional pub meals, tempting bar menu, chef recommended dishes & snacks. A great place to chill and relax for both locals and visitors.

Japan Food Street

Craving for Japanese food? Japan Food Street lets you enjoy the moment while a variety of amazing Japanese food surrounds you. Sushi, Sukiyaki, Tempura and much more! Experience the textures, flavours, and colours of Japanese food - for the ultimate taste experience.

JR Curry

Coming Soon...

A hot steaming bowl of curry, served to you with a variety of delicious local delights. Cooked with various herbs and spices, a fulfilling meal that smells and tastes authentic, and scrumptious. Make this the addition to your unforgettable trip in Malaysia.

U Pop I Scream

Level 5

Delight yourself as well as your kids with a variety of flavored popcorn and ice-cream from U Pop I Scream when you visit The Top Penang. Popcorn flavors from buttered caramel to salty cheese, and ice-cream from milky vanilla to nutty chocolate, we have got plenty of delicious snacks that double the sweetness of your day trip in The Top Penang alongside our amazing attractions.