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3 Reasons to Visit George Town, Penang

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3 Reasons to Visit George Town, Penang

Malaysia has long been making a name for itself as a popular tourist destination with the state of Penang up north being a must-visit spot. If you are a culture aficionado, George Town, the state’s capital, is sure to whet your appetite. Here are just three reasons to explore this vibrant heritage city.

Soak up the rich heritage

If you’re looking to soak up some culture during your getaway, then George Town should be top on your list. The city has long been known for its colourful history; it was even listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. This rich ancestry is reflected in the old school architecture of its buildings. What’s more, strewn around Penang are generations-old coffee shops offering a taste (literally!) of the past with classic Malaysian favourites. Whether it’s soaking up its rich architectural heritage or sampling the local cuisine, you can be assured of a good time traipsing through its streets.

A treat for the eyes

Recent years have seen the rapid development of Penang’s arts scene. In fact, its street murals have captured the attention of many tourists. These art pieces started off with the Marking George Town initiative by the Penang State Government back in September 2009. This competition invited entries from within the country and abroad to brand George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result, about 52 unique iron rod sculptures were installed around the city, where they still sit proudly today.

Holiday with a twist

If you’re keen for a dose of fun and adventure, why not check out George Town’s many attractions? These include Penang’s newest and largest indoor theme attraction, The Top @ Komtar. The Top boasts attractions which include one of the largest dinosaur exhibitions in Asia with over 200 life-sized dinosaurs, as well as Asia’s first 7D Discovery Motion Theatre. Other attractions around George Town include Entopia, which features more than 15,000 butterflies and a wealth of other animals; Penang 3D Trick Art Museum, an interactive museum which displays perspective murals and life-sized figures that protrude from the walls and not forgetting Penang’s Camera Museum – South East Asia’s first and only museum displaying, you guessed it, cameras.