The best Augmented Reality 3D video animation

They say that when you have reached ‘The Top’, you have achieved SUCCESS!!

Step into ARV’s specially constructed Augmented Reality hall with it’s a state-of-the-art audio system, auto-snap -share camera, absolutely stunning backdrop & stand before the huge high-quality 3.5M x2M LED screen to experience a trip that takes you to the ‘natural wildlife of yesteryear’ !!

One that allows you to come within reach of The Animal Kingdom !!

The Augmented Reality video can be viewed at the photo booth ( with no obligation of a purchase) consists of a minimum of sixty ( 60) strategically captured photos of the entire audience in the Augmented Reality hall!

Your interaction with the best Augmented Reality 3D video animation without having to use any cumbersome accessory/ies makes you the Star personified!!

No other affordable edutainment is like ARV Augmented Reality 3D video animation at 4th Level, The Top, Komtar, Penang!

Ride On To A Journey To THE TOP

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