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Tech Dome Penang

Tech Dome Penang is sited in the Geodesic Dome of KOMTAR right in the heart of George Town. It houses over 120 interactive scientific and technology exhibits spread across 40,000 sqft of floor space. We do this to inspire the future generations.


Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with your family and friends. Take a trip out of this world with our UFOX spaceship. Spin and twirl your way to outer space on this futuristic ride that is surrounded by colourful lights. The spaceship is specially designed with comfortable seats and safety belts so you can ride across the universe in style and comfort. Buckle up now!

Window of The TOP

Level 65 & 68

Ever wonder what a bird’s eye view of Penang is like? The Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck offer stunning seamless views of George Town and beyond. Located at George Town’s highest point, the open-air Rainbow Skywalk is at Level 68, on the rooftop of Komtar tower, offering visitors the thrilling experience of walking on air 249m above ground. Meanwhile the air-conditioned Observatory Deck at Level 65 also features a glass walkway that lets you watch the world go by below.

Beside the views, visitors can find double rainbows that arch into a pot of gold, a horseshoe chair and a unique hanging musical orchestra.

Also on the rooftop, Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro offers great tapas food and cocktails as well as a great view.

Enjoy the feeling of being on the top of the world.

Operation Hour: 10am to 6pm daily

After 6pm
1. Diners - RM138 / RM168 /RM198 (each tier pricing with an option for main course top-up)
2. Diners Child - RM98
3. Non-Diners - RM118 (inclusive of a glass beer, house pouring red or white, soft drinks or chilled juices + 2 sticks of satay with peanut sauce, onion, cucumber & nasi impit)
4. Non-Diners Child - RM58 (inclusive of chilled juices or soft drinks)

Magic Mirror Maze

Venture into this thrilling mirror maze and see infinite reflections of yourself in every direction! Encounter surprising corners, dead ends, and continuous circles! Distorted reflections set you on a laughing trail and eventually, find your way around and be the Maze Master!

Durian The King of Fruits

Level 3 Coming Soon...

The green, hedgehog-shaped “the king of fruits” found in Southeast Asia is appreciated as haute cuisine to be savored like wine or truffles. Aside from knowing it as the fruit with a peculiarly foul odour to some, walk into the learning center of durian that showcases the background, the growing process, and finally the gallery that presents all types of durian. Have you ever touched the durian’s sharp thorns? Experience the fun & interesting activities, and bring home some durian-made products.

Jelly Bump

Level 4

Crash bumper cars together and share the excitement and joy with your family members and friends. Bump & grind, turn & twist it in any directions, you set the rules on the raceway. For both kids or even adults, enjoy the fun over and over again!

Tongkat Ali King

Level 6

Tongkat Ali is an Orang Asli medicine that grows wild in the rainforests of Malaysia. The paste of the plant is applied to a lot of health benefits in the form of supplements, as well as food and drink additives. Get here and visit the most extensive Tongkat Ali museum that demonstrates the history, growing process and benefits of this unique plant that benefited humankind for centuries.

Top Boutique Aquarium

Level 4 Coming Soon...

Discover Top Boutique Aquarium, perfect for all ages. Submerse into a world of aquatic animals and experience your own underwater adventure! Top Boutique Aquarium has dedicated itself to the conservation of and education about marine fauna and flora, and promotes the protection of aquatic habitats that are home to a wide range of exciting life forms.

Dino Gym

Climb - run - jump - laugh - slide - swing - race! It comes naturally with Dino Gym’s climbing frames. We love to design and manufacture innovative garden swing sets and playhouses that stimulate children’s development in a pleasurable way; Playhouses that inspire creativity, rock walls that encourage strength, hanging bridges that improve balance, swing accessories that boost motor and social skills. Amazingly, all these come together as one big dinosaur adventures.

Musical Carousel

Be lost in a whirlwind of lights, colors, intricate details and an array of playful ponies in our Musical Carousel. This whimsical ride might just evoke that inner child of yours, a wonderous experience for both children and those young at heart! The Musical Carousel is tops for family fun, enlighten your day with the amazing rides of the beautiful carousel and be charmed by the great music and carnival atmosphere. You and your children can also enjoy the ride from a chariot alongside the ponies.

Penang State Gallery

Coming Soon...

A one-stop centre for you to learn about almost everything regarding Penang Heritage. From its humble beginnings as the first British Straits Settlement in the late 18th century, George Town went through a tremendous transformation from a swampy frontier, to a bustling trading post, to the present city of living history, filled with nuances in every corner, worthy to be discovered by intrepid adventurers.


Enter the game! A live feed enabled customized augmented reality game that features our in-house Mascot in a special dance choreography. Enjoyable at all ages!

Ocean Explorer

An amazing moment when technology meets with underwater. A high-res surrounding projectors that create a seamless & almost-reality show of an underwater world.

7D Discovery Motion Theater

Feel what you see, featuring some of the most intensive visual journeys of all times! The largest optical element in a dome theatre is the dome itself.

Jurassic Research Center

Unearth the mysteries of the planet’s prehistoric past. Marvel at the planet's prehistoric past in this hands-on interactive activity center. Here we combine entertainment with education in a variety informative exhibits and displays geared to children and adults.

Dragon Regatta

Do your kids fancy themselves to be dragon tamers? The cute, cartoonish dragons that rule the Dragon Regatta carousel are sure to capture their hearts. Featuring comfy double seats, this jolly ride is perfect for siblings and best friends. Watch the cuteness overload as your little ones take on these adorable creatures and twirl around to cheery tunes

Space Time Squadron

Fancy yourself a defender of the universe? Now you can be a member of the elite Space Time Squadron, traversing space and time to rid the universe of evil robots. This engaging virtual reality game is designed using state-of-the-art technology and promises a fun and immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts.