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Penang State Gallery

Penang State Gallery

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Penang State Gallery

Penang has a long and colourful heritage. Since its humble beginnings as the first British Straits Settlement in the late 18 th century, George Town has undergone a tremendous transformation. From a swampy frontier to a bustling trading post to a thriving cosmopolitan city that is world-renowned for its living history, the streets of Penang are filled with vibrant nuances just waiting to be discovered by intrepid adventurers. Chock full of information, the Penang State Gallery is a one-stop centre for you to learn about anything and everything “Penang” as well as purchasing special souvenirs unique to the state.

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Ever wondered why Penang is called “The Pearl of the Orient”? Looking to immerse yourself in the local culture? Well, look no further than the Penang State Gallery. Here, you will be able to discover Penang’s rich history in a jiffy, and purchase all sorts of memorabilia to commemorate your visit. Also, if you’re looking to track down more delicious local cuisine or sights to see, you’re sure to find everything you need to know here!

More than two centuries of unique history and heritage makes George Town a worthy recipient as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. From its humble beginnings as the first British Straits Settlement in the late 18th century, George Town went through a tremendous transformation from a swampy frontier, to a bustling trading post, to the present city of living history, filled with nuances in every corner, worthy to be discovered by intrepid adventurers. Penang State Gallery is your one-stop venue to discover the most about Penang Heritage.

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