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Serves you the best of breakfast and delis…


Kick back and soak in your surroundings as you nourish your body and soul amidst cosmopolitan chic in an al-fresco setting! Rich in flavour, style and friendly service, Richdad brings you the best of the world’s breakfast and deli foods. Choose from a scrumptious range of sandwiches, pastries, pastas and local flavours. Relax with a refreshing glass of one of our healthy mixed-juice concoctions; or kick-start your day with a cup of java, brewed to perfection from a special blend of gourmet coffee beans from selected countries. Good food, great times – the perfect place to chill with friends and loved ones!

Level 5

Freshly made noodle simmers in hearty soups and broth, OnlyMee serves you comforting meals of slurp- worthy noodles and also steaming rice pots that cure your hunger like none ever.

From brewing you that aromatic cup of coffee to serving you the best of breakfast and deli food, Richdad has got you covered. Come over to Level 5 of THE TOP and enjoy what Richdad has to offer you. Check out its signature dishes, BIG BREAKIE and BAKED SEAFOOD RICE, and compliment them with a refreshing MAUI or BEET IT beverage.