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Umi restaurant was conceived to bring the goodness of traditional home-cooked Malay cuisine to you. Set lunches are served from Mondays to Fridays, while brunch menus and an array of mouth- watering dishes served “hidang” (serving) style are on offer during weekends and public holidays. As an additional nod to the rich Malay heritage, the restaurant’s design is inspired by the style of a kampong house, transporting diners back to the golden nostalgic golden era of “Rumah Kenduri”, where they can gather to celebrate with family and friends. Private rooms are also available for private functions, celebrations and corporate events. Come enjoy this authentic Malay dining experience today!

Level 5

“UMI” means mother in Arabic and also for Malay culture. A mother’s love has no boundaries and only provides her inner beauty to give her upmost sincerity to her love ones. She inspires us to do everything with tender love and care.

We bring you “UMI’s” inspiration of traditional local Malay cuisine using only the very fresh spices and ingredients. Influenced from homely cooked food to the famous Authentic Malay dishes available through out the land.

Offering Set Lunches from Monday – Friday, Brunch menus on the weekends and Public Holidays plus mouth- watering dishes served “Hidang” (sharing) style.

A Kampung house is built at level 6, providing a nostalgia dinning experience of the golden era. “Rumah Kenduri”, “Kenduri” means a wedding ceremony and also a gathering of celebrating for all love ones and family members.

Private rooms for private function, parties celebration and corporate dining.

Enjoy this unique dining experience of the rich Malay Heritage.

Enjoy an authentic dining experience with a tinge of nostalgia and be prepared to be transported back to a golden era. From Ayam Rendang to Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Umi serves a wide variety of delicious home-cooked Malay food amid rustic kampong décor. Head on over to Umi at Level 5 of THE TOP and try the Set Lunch from just RM19.90 today!