Build Tomorrow, Today

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Build Tomorrow, Today

the top penangCovid-19 has indeed changed the way we educate future generations. When the education sector id now made accessible just a mouse-click away, time for experiential learning is more and more limited today. 

In line with our Creating Tomorrow campaign, bring back the experience of learning through your child’s sensories by visiting us at The Top, Pulau Pinang

Dedicated to becoming more than just a place of fun, here are three reasons why The Top is the best classroom for your child. 

Tech Dome PenangAn Opportunity Grasp Concepts Better

Truthfully, growing up, how did we envision the future? Through our textbooks of through the countless movies we saw on the big screen – E.T, The Matrix, Terminator, Back to the Future II, and many more – those are the type of experiential learning we all went through by immersing our train of thought to something beyond the classroom. 

What better way to teach your child what the future would be by visiting our Tech Dome attraction that allows children to interact with different science concepts feature in seven galleries and over 150 interactive exhibits. 

Robotics, mystery, exploration, and many more, there is undoubtedly something for everyone here at Tech Dome Penang

Durian the King of FruitsAn Opportunity to be More Creative

Participating in activities that are out of the ordinary can be an important learning opportunity for children, and why not take the chance and try something different when you visit a showcase featuring the indisputable King of Fruits at The Top, Penang

Learn the history of the fruit, its growing process, and participate in fun and exciting activities that will make any durian lover fall in love once again with the fruit. 

It is not every day that you get to learn something new that’s both local and worthy of our admiration. 

An opportunity to be Gain Valuable Experience


Penang State Gallery

Incorporating concrete experiences with abstract concepts will engage more regions of the brain, ensuring stronger connections with the material. History has long been a snoozy subject, even during our schooling days – so why not make it better? Link information that’s presented in the book to exhibition on display at the Penang State Gallery.

Learn why is Penang called the Pearl of the Orient, or why it is known for its living history. Link all the information that would go unnoticed and memorized for the exams, and turn it into a life experience – a piece of experience that they can relive anytime they want.

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