Penangites, The Best Holiday Spot is right here in Penang

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Penangites, The Best Holiday Spot is right here in Penang

As we continue into a year filled with “new normals” it seems weekend getaways are, well, getting away from us.
But that doesn’t mean that weekend holidays have to take a holiday until 2021 though.

If we look beyond our Netflix queue, we can find there are plenty of ways to have a holiday even in your own backyard.
So, as Penangites, let’s play tourists for the weekend and explore a wonderful place that brings the fun without the overnight stay, or a long drive outstation!

Penangites, let’s enjoy Penang like a Tourist!

Sometimes, the fun can come right to you and doesn’t require a reservation.
That’s where the beauty of an at-home holiday comes out to play.

With a little imagination, some googling, try a home state holiday without the need for checking in. We got just the right spot for you.

Just like KL has Genting, Penangites have a perfect spot to spend and enjoy for one whole day with your family and friends. It is called The Top, known as Penang’s highest iconic edutainment tower. For those who don’t know, it is located inside the well known Bangunan Komtar. You will find an amazing theme park + edutainment centre with a total of 18 attractions.

Be a Tourist for the Day

As Penangites, rushing around the week can cause us to overlook the natural wonder that our home state holds and shares with tourists from all over the world.

So, if tourists can spend a few days snapping photos at UNESCO heritage sights and taking in everything Penang has to offer, imagine how fun and amazing a theme park on a high rise tower with 18 attractions will be.

The perfect solution to a getaway without the need to get away?
Plan a weekend as a tourist, complete with travel itinerary and everything!

Pretend that you’re visiting Penang for the first time.
How can you spend one whole day enjoying one spot?
What would be the most scenic for IG posts to share with everyone back “home”?

Here’s a little example of what that might look like:

the top penang

Penang is not complete without a visit to The Top

Whatever you want to call it, rediscovering the beauty right here at home gives us the chance to find fun in our backyard without the hassle (and costs) of driving outstation or booking hotels.

Forget outstation places and tiring drives, if you want a fun and exciting holiday, have it right here in Penang.

Lunch or Dinner with scenic high rise views, Dinosaurs, Exotic Fishes, Tech Dome, Observe the Sunset, Chilling at night on a high rise – we have em all at The Top Penang!

Whatever your preference, you will end up having a blast for one whole day; and probably at a discount!

So, there you have it! Be a Tourist for a day in Penang, or two. Nobody is counting.

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