The Top: A Penang Monument

The Top: A Penang Monument

Monuments are built to remind the present and future us of the life and accomplishments of an individual, society or nation.

Originating from a Latin/French word “Monere”, which means to remind, implies that humans will always have an innate desire to be remembered.

Think the George Town Cenotaph, Penang; Air Itam War Memorial Park, Penang and The Top – all these memorials and monuments are there to remind us that we possess a history that should not only instil a sense of pride in the future generation but also be a point of celebration!

Featuring a blend of contemporary and the old-school, here are several reasons why The Top should be your next destination to celebrate Penang’s giant step into the future.

Penang’s Iconic Edutainment Tower

If you are looking to shake up your weekend playlist of the usual drive up to the highlands, or another long day at the beach, why not make your way on Penang’s most iconic edutainment tower, complete with 18 themed attractions all pooled into one?

Surely something for the whole family, there is no need to drive around anymore and all that is left is just for you to choose what interests your kids the most. What better way to show off your grasp of knowledge by sharing it with your child, right?

Not Just a Destination, but a Journey

When you reach The Top, all that’s left is to rock and roll! The Top is more than just about the thrilling experience of Theme Park adventurous attractions, it is an experience of its own.

Time and time again we are challenged in finding things that best entice the interest of our loved ones. Let us help you out by giving you a medium to work with – a view at the 68th floor, 816 feet above sea level to teach our future generations about the wonder Penang holds way up in the sky.

…Endless fun

Let’s face it, as parents, we all want to score brownie points for the apples of our eyes, right?

And yes, as responsible parents we want them to learn something even if it may not be in a classroom setting.

What better way to do it than enjoying our attractions at The Top? The Jurassic Research Center, Tech Dome Penang, Penang Boutique Aquarium are just some of the 18 attractions we have in store for you.

Ready for a booking? We’ve got you covered. Visit for tickets today!

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